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Chronic Pain and Immune System Health

Patient Testimonials


Treating Back Pain

"I was referred to Trey by my family doctor because I wasn't able to take prescription medications for hip, back and joint pain. Acupuncture has helped greatly and I've come to trust it for many other ailments such as asthma, menopausal problems, sore throats, colds, flu, fatigue, and other aches and pains. Through my years of treatments my health has improved steadily. I swear by the winter seasonal treatment to boost your immune system. I went 5 years without a cold or sniffle. This year, however, the flu got me and Trey was willing to get near me. I was treated and got over it without antibiotics, even after it settled in my lungs. Years ago, it would have turned into bronchitis and I would have been on antibiotics and asthma meds. This time I recovered on my own with no problems. I thank God for bringing Trey into my life. And, thank you Trey for always being there when you are needed."


-Marci T

Welcoming, Comfortable Atmosphere

"Visiting Trey is like visiting a therapist and a physician in one. He is so warm, welcoming, and validating and I would go every week if I could afford it! No concern is too small or ever dismissed. It was a wonderful experience, every time."



Effective Treatments for Various Ailments

"Trey is really great, he takes the time to learn what ails you and his treatments and advice are always very effective. He applies the needles swiftly and you barely feel them."



"I started going to Trey for back pain. I had an MRI and X-rays. I had physical therapy, which seem to aggravate it. I also went to a chiropractor. I went to two different back specialists. The one told me to learn to live with it and the other doctor said there was nothing he could do at this time. I found out about Trey from a friend of mine. Between acupuncture and exercise therapy my back has been great. He has also treated me for sinus infections. I went to my family doctor and was given an antibiotic. After two weeks of taking the medicine I felt no better. I called Trey and had an acupuncture treatment and I had almost instant relief.

After that experience I told Trey I would call him first before my doctor. He has kept me healthy with his winter maintenance treatments where he builds your immune system so your body can fight infections. Hot flashes have been a problem, which he is helping me with. They have calmed down a lot since starting treatment. His exercise therapy has helped with knee, hip, and neck pain. It also keeps me more flexible than I would be without doing it. Sometimes my energy level is low and I feel really tired. He can treat you for that and you don't have to worry about side effects like you do when taking pills. He has even told me what foods to avoid or eat and what teas to drink for certain problems.

It is amazing how he can tell what is going on with your body mentally and physically just by talking to you, checking your pulses, and looking at your tongue. If he can't figure something out he will research it until he does. It has been six years since I first went to Trey and I highly recommend him for acupuncture and exercise therapy. Once you go to him for treatment you will ask your self why you didn't go sooner."


-Jane K

 Having no pain is the proof 

The treatment worked fantastic. No pain in my lower back. I ended up with a lot of energy and finding it hard to sleep but that's ok. From now on if this happens again I will call you first. I was skeptical at first, but having no pain is the proof your treatment works.

Sherri R.

Great stuff!

I have been treated by Trey Casimir now for a number of years, he is my third practitioner since I first had acupuncture over 13 years ago.  He fixes all my crazy quirks that would send an MD mad, the Chinese apparently knew me somewhere along the way because they have a name for my ailments and likewise the solution to fix the problem without drugs or surgery. Great stuff!!! I am the acupuncture poster child, it has relieved me of rotator cuff pain, depression and distal sciatica as well as knocking the worst out of my asthma, great stuff! 

- Cindy K.

Healing the Heart

"Back in 2002 your healing artistry saved my life after my dad died. Along with my mom he was the best friend I had in the world, and on the heels of 9/11 and having a “friend” wreak havoc in my life, having my dad die on me was devastating to the point where my heart literally broke. You and your acupuncture helped heal it and the other pain and anguish that I was experiencing. I had internalized everything and it would have killed me if you hadn't suggested I try acupuncture. It broke down the dams and allowed me to process and let things out. I will always remember those sessions in Soho."


- Audrey P.

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